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Boden- und Umweltschonung

soil and environment

  • The drag hose system for the slurry is the most soil protective kind to apply manure on the field. The weights of a slurry tanker or a hose drum are totally avoided on the fields.

  • The dependence from the weather conditions are smaller because you also can drive on the fields even if it is still a bit moisture. The fertilization applies nutrient-need-orientated.

  • The optimal application time increases the nutrient efficiency of the slurry because more nutrients can be taken up by the plants. That decreases the amount of mineral fertilizer, protects the environment and reduces the emissions.



time saving

  • The exceptional point on the KleuTec machine is a hose drum with a hard hose and only a very short soft hose directly at the application tractor. With this you also can pump slurry through the coiled hose and you still have the flexibility from the soft hose. The hose don’t need to be uncoiled to start with the application as it is standard with other drag hose systems. In result you can start with the slurry application directly after connecting the hose with the application tractor. So you can pump slurry while you unroll the hose from the drum.

  • If you finished the field you also safe a lot of time to dismantle the system. The operator at the container can already start coiling the hose while the application tractor applicates the last part of the field. After the application you only need to coil the last couple meters, straighten the drum, retract the pillars and then you can drive to the next field.

  • With the ball valve at the end of the hose you can transport the filled hose and you don’t need to empty the hose for every field change. That saves even more time.

  • The government restricts very detailed the time and conditions for slurry application. In the end there is only a very short timeframe to apply a huge amount of slurry. With the drag hose system you can work continuously so you get a very powerful system with around 1.500 m³ slurry per day.


Maschine von hinten seitlich


  • For the operator is the KleuTec-System very clean and comfortable. Because of a ball valve at the end of the hose you can disconnect the hoses very clean because there is no pressure at the connection point. Furthermore you normally have only one coupling which you need to (dis-)connect. Other systems need at least one coupling at every end of the hose and you often ne to connect that to an open end of you hose drum in the tractor front.
  • All components are concentrated on one vehicle which can be operated with one single wireless remote control.




  • There are various fields of application for the Rowdy like the irrigation. You have the possibility to connect a standard sprinkler cart to the machine. With the intelligent control system the intake speed what effects the quantity of rain can be adjusted. Furthermore you have the option to add additives to the rainwater.






With a volume of 40 m³ takes the container one and a half truckloads of slurry. This allows a permanent manure application.



The used Doda rotary pump has an output of 300 m³/h and should be operated by a tractor of maximal 300 HP. This high impact power runs with a small maintenance intensity, as the gear unit and the pump-cabinet are separated.  


Hose reel

This hose reel is a stronger version of the widely used irrigation system reels. Therefore, it can handle the higher forces, which occur when you pump manure instead of water. Even under these forces, the hose reel is still able to roll and unroll the filled hose.



The wheels (650/55-R26,5) are small enough to allow an economical drive to and from the field. In addition, they are big enough to allow driving on wet fields and support a stable stand during application.



The pillars are operated via the remote control, too. During application, they secure a stable stand.


Slew drives

The hose reel is connected to the frame via the slew drive. With this the hose can be winded or unwinded in various directions. The swing angle of 200 °



The screw-type compressor, with 8000 l/min air performance leads to a fast evacuation of the hose. The hydraulic motor is part of the complete “Load-sensing hydraulic”, which is operated via the remote control. 



The remote control is offered in two varieties. The basic version is an analog control, where you have to look at your serving component. In opposite, the professional control shows the operational state of the serving component on its integrated screen for a proportional control.



The optional rear view camera provides you with optimal security, when you drive backwards with the Rowdy.


press reviews

The press has already looked on the KleuTec Machine. The magazine “profi” has written a “Fahrbericht” in September 2020. They also shoot a video.  

“After the mobile 11.60 m long container has been driven in the field only 12 minutes later the slurry can be applied.”

“As quick as the machine is in working position, it also disappears from the field.”

“The system combines container, hose reel and pump in one unit. Thus, the set-up time sinks and even on smaller fields you can use the piping system for a powerful and soil-protected fertilization.”

The Biogasjournal has also reported about the machine.

The contractor Karl-Heinz Suttrup from Münster-Nienberge has the machine in use and he is very satisfied with the system.